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A designer, especially an industrial designer, will spend a large amount of time communicating his or her ideas. At various moments in the design process a presentation of some kind is necessary. This can be for example an early progress report, a choice between concepts, a fund raising, to inform engineering, or a final presentation for example. Depending on the progress of the design, both the ‘message’ and the 'audience" is different and a specific kind of communication or presentation is required.
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In this book we have shifted our focus from learning to sketch, to the context in which sketches can be seen. We will discuss several influential visual perception and visual language theories that can be of help in creating visual presentations in the product design process. Among others, we will discuss the Three brain theory, the Gestalt theory, Visual semantics, Visual rhetoric and perception itself. As in our previous books, theory is seen in practice by Case studies; presentations, pitches and portfolio’s of leading Design Studio’s.
Insight is given in how to approach different kinds of visual presentation and communication in product design. In what aspects do presentations differ and how can you ‘formulate’ your content in order to get your message delivered.


SKETCHING product design presentation
ISBN 978 90 6369 329 9
200 pages hardcover
2nd print


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