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Sketching | Drawing techniques for product designers is an incredibly broad and practical survey of sketching techniques for product designers. It goes without saying that the book is suited for the classroom, but every design studio will also find this manual an asset.
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Het boek doet dienst als referentie, bedoeld voor studenten en ontwerpers. Het is vertaald in verschillende talen. Het grote aantal tekeningen en illustraties vertellen het verhaal. We hebben onze tekeningen, zowel op papier als digitaal, afgewisseld met foto’s en realiteit: Designer Showcases om de verschillende teken aspecten, tips en theorie toe toelichten. Het maak daarnaast ook de positie en het gebruik van tekenen in het product design proces zichtbaar.
It serves as a reference guide, aimed at design students and designers. It has been translated into different languages. In this book the large amount of images and sketches tells the story. We combined educational drawings, both on paper and digital sketches, photos and realistic Designer Showcases, to show the various drawing aspects, tips and theory behind them. It also visualizes the position and use of freehand Sketching in Product Design.
"Sketching | drawing techniques for product designers" was first published in 2007. Within a short time it has become a much used book by students all over the world as an extension to their own drawing education. It has also become a plea for the necessity of (learning to) draw for designers, and showed a variety of examples of sketching in the design process.


SKETCHING drawing techniques for product designers
ISBN: 978-90-6369-171-4
256 pages hardcover
17th print
-over 100.000 copies sold-


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The latest print of the original English edition can be ordered on-line at BIS PUBLISHERS
The English edition in USA is also available at : AMAZON

The German edition is distributed by : STIEBNER

The English edition in ASIA is distributed by : PageONE

The Taiwanese edition is published by : Long Sea Int. Book Co. Ltd.

The Korean edition is published by : Ye-Eun Publishing Co.

The Chinese edition is printed by Chinese Youth Press.


  • "..and I see quite a few. Colorful, sophisticated, cutting edge. Each section features professional sketch projects. The premise is right on that idea sketch off the wrist is still very important in the design process. Well worth the money if you can find it.."
    Best book on the subject that I have seen in a long time...
    Robert J. Hunt, (Designer, Illustrator, Colllege Art Instructor), Los Angeles
  • "..Okay, I've been designing for a long time but wanted to remind myself how I should be presenting my ideas to clients after a long time managing the process rather than doing the creative bit. This book doesn't dissappoint, as the other reviewers commented, it's full of inspiration to those progressing towards a career in design or those slightly longer in the tooth practiioners like me. An excellent buy for students and professionals alike it'll whet your appetite and set you off trying new stuff for yourself or push you to lift the bar. Regardless of new whizz bang computer based tools, in my experience it still all starts with a sketch and this book will show you some excellent methods of presenting your ideas.."
    Well worth the money. Excellent Source Book
    S. Cran, United Kingdom
  • "..Fantastic ****** This is a great book. 250 full colour glossy pages of great sketching. Some explanations of how to create fantastic renderings. I have been a proffesional product designer for over 15 years and i feel inspired to raise my game after getting this book. It should be essential reading for any dersign student. A bit pricey at £30, but i found it excellent value for money.."
    A must for any product designer
    Gary S. Fenton, UK
  • If you're a product designer, and are looking for an inspirational book on cool concept sketches, this book is exactly what you're hoping it will be, chock full of the slick kind of sketches we all like to do.
    As good as you're hoping it will be!
    Matt Gorner , UK
  • A really a well put together book that showcases some pretty good looking projects. I teach ID at VT and has shown it a lot of my students, they all seem to see the process and reasoning behind most of the projects presented.
    very inspiring tool for students asn professionals in Design
    Akshay Sharma "ideation Lab" Blacksburg, VA