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product design

concept development // styling

form and

“Because of its shape, our idea appealed to more people.”

The fysical shape of a product has functional values, but it also carries abstract values such as meaning or emotion. These are of great importance in product usage and user acceptance of a new product.

We consult and perform product concept development, aspecially in the field of shape language and meaning; "look & feel"; design styling.

Design thinking

We experiment, discuss, citisise

start a project with a clear vision

understanding human needs and behaviour

a shape has meaning, evokes emotion and is self-explaining

products that touch people on a functional and emotional level

Concept development

impact // functionality and shape // user context

It is crucial to bring usage, functionality, shape and meaning into the equation at an early phase of the design process. Esthetics is of great importance, as it influences the user intuitively reading its usage (self-explaining).

Our experience in Automotive Engineering,Industrial product Design, and Fine Arts, enables us to combine technology and emotion. We can give an emotional value to a technology based project.

cityhawk styling

look & feel

vormgiving // styling // semantics

An innovative, clever technological solution on its own will not garanty product success. We can help yo develop your product idea into a successful product.
By adding something; styling.

Are you looking for a critical view at your work? Do you want to better connect the shape language of your design to fit the tartget group? Are you looking to optimize the meaning in a product shape to better clarify its usage?

"being a young enterprise, you can use a little help "


Especially start-ups are relatively often tied up in aquisition and fundraising.
Visual communication plays an important role in this.

design visualisation

It is crucially important that your product ideas evoke enthousiasm for others to join you or invest.
We help visualise your ideas for pitching or fundraising.

design styling

How do you develop the most suitable look & feel of your product? Can styling help strengthen the concept? How can the shape be more meanungful?
In this process we can help.

product portfolio

How do you make sure your product portfolio represents you well?
How van your portfolio help you achieve your goals?

Concept visualisations

impact // Concept development // user context

Visualising has a special role in product design. Concept development, fund raising, client meetinf, etc. Often people having various backgrounds need to understand and evaluate product ideas.

Our design thinking and visual thinking are fully integrated. Our design focussed way of visualising always incorproates the product idea or concept 'behind' it, as it usage and technology. Take a look at our VISUALISATIONS pagie for specific examples. voorbeelden.

suitcases ampul


“when you start sketching, a story emerges“

During client meetinf or at a brainstorm, visualising on the spot can help the process. Ideas will become immediately visible, tangible and discussable.

This will provide a visual grip on the process, and can help setting a group goal.

Sketching on-the-spot

visualisations on location // process

We will sketch real time during discussions of ideas, product solutions, technical variants. These image will clarify solutions, makes them better comparable and discussable.

In our experience, visualising a product idea early in the design process, will bring hidden issues to the surface. This way visualising will have a problem solving character in supporting the design process.

design support

concept development

We help developing the look and feel of products, which is important for their user acceptance.
During meetings or brainstorm we can visualise ideas and make them better discussable.
design visualisation

We specialise in design visualisation, to help you share your ideas better and convincingly.
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visual storytelling

You can contact us for consult and tailormade solutions of product presentation, portfolio's.
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