Our studio specializes in design & sketching, tailoring visualisations, product design and workshops for clients all around the globe.

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We combine technology with creativity.
Mobility especially sparks our imagination!

  • Intuitive
    Sketching unifies 2 worlds, the ‘rational/functional' and the ‘emotional’. Sketching therefor has a special role as design tool and communication tool.

    ".. a sketch speaks all languages .. “ 
  • Impact
    People are visual creatures. A presentation that will resonate, however, also needs a profound storyline. A clear goal and context. Visuals with the right focus, emition and clarity.

    Visual Storytelling can do that.
  • Workshops
    We believe in active learning. In our workshops you will lear to sketch in a design driven context. Sketching will not be learned by books or video's alone. Practice and personal feedback are more efficient, and will prevent you from getting stuck.

    Because everybody has their own learning curve.
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freehand realistic visualisations in commission
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presentation design

Visual storytelling with impact, of product and idea
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product design

concept development // styling
We consult in and develop product concepts, especially focussed on shape language and meaning, "look & feel"; design styling.
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design visualisation workshops

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in-house training
We develop op tailored design sketching workshops on location, in-house.
Curriculum developemnt, lectures and workshops design visualisation.
in our studio
design sketching workshops and masterclasses for individual enrollment.
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sketching books

Internationale bestselling SKETCHING series for product design education.
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Learning support

- tips tools and online tutorials -
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Get in contact

Koos EIssen, M.Ed.
For info about international university workshops.
roselien steur, M.Sc., BA.
For info about in-house training and studio workshops.
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Dutch Design Sketching

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